Sunday, October 9, 2011

Small Details.

Well, maybe bathroom mirrors aren't small details. In fact, after living without a bathroom mirror for 4 months, I am pretty sure they aren't!

We had a small glitch with bathroom mirrors. Originally, the builder had specified for one sconce above the mirror in the master bath--we have two matching vanities on opposite sides of the bathroom-quite possibly the best invention ever for a product hog (and by that, I mean my husband). In any case, we had our heart set on sconces that would go on each side of the mirror. Unfortunately, the builder had already installed the electrical for the single sconce. Not a real problem, he said, he would cap it off and install the new electrical and we could just get a mirror that was large enough to cover the cap. Well, that meant that we had to find a mirror with dimensions of 30"x40". That's a big mirror.

We finally found one at Restoration Hardware. And it was backordered. And backordered some more. And finally, on September 20-something it arrived on our front step (or garage, but these are small details). We were ambitious and thought we could install them ourselves. No dice-these suckers are not only huge but ridiculously heavy and the last thing you want in a bathroom is no mirror AND a huge hole in your wall. So we enlisted the help of one of our builder's men. Thank goodness. And now for the big reveal...


33 - Trenton

Master Bath Vanity

(Excuse the bad lighting)

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Blog_10 08_0240_edited-2

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