Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Decor

I can't say that in the past we've ever done that much Halloween decor, but after seeing our kid's fascination with our neighbor's big blow up pumpkin on their front yard, I decided to head to the store to do up our outside...

First I went to Target. That was a BUST. Second week of October and almost all of the Halloween decorations were gone and they were making room for Christmas stuff. Say what?

Next stop, Party City. MUCH better. I managed to score a ginormous spider, a bunch of webbing and some Halloween pumpkin lights.

10 25_0310_edited-1

10 25_0306_edited-1

But that wasn't enough-I needed some crows. Couldn't find any at AC Moore, but I did find a cute Trick or Treat sign--the candy corn sold me, since I have two big candy corn fans in the house.

And finally, at Michael's, I found crows...and they had some sparkle, just to make them even more attractive.

10 25_0303_edited-1

Of course, Maya and Zoe couldn't resist the fun decorations at the bird store in the local shopping center, so we got one of those too:

10 25_0312_edited-1

How much dorkiness would I reveal if I said I was tempted to get one for every holiday? ;)

So, here is the whole picture...I don't think we went overboard, do you?

10 25_0306_edited-1

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