Thursday, December 9, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Second Floor looks almost done! (12/2)



Starting the second floor (11/30/10)


First floor tour with Zoe (11/28)

Peter and I took Zoe to the house on the afternoon of 11/28 so we could walk through the rooms and get the general feel for size and layout. Most of the pictures are of Zoe because I didn't have a wide angle lens with which to take pictures of the whole room..

Looking out the window facing our neighbor on our left:

11 29_1241_edited-1

Running in the living/sitting room:

11 29_1246_edited-1

Lots of woodwork:

11 29_1250_edited-1

First Floor is on! (11/23/10)

Drove by in the evening and saw that the first floor was on! Excuse the bad picture, but it was almost dark and the iphone is not known for it's fabulous flash or fast lens.


First sign of framing (11/21/10)

The backfill was poured (meaning the dirt was put back and there is no longer a huge hole around the foundation) and the ceiling of the basement was on! We ended up creating a second area for another sump pump, but instead of installing the actual pump, the builder crafted a drainage system just using gravity. If it looks like it isn't working in the future, we can easily just add the second pump, but for now it seems to be working great. The water issues now appear to be solely groundwater, but just to be safe we also lined the exterior of the foundation wall with a water proof sealant. No water here!



Foundation is poured! (11/6/10)

11 06_0620_edited-1

11 06_0617_edited-1

11 06_0618_edited-1

The space seemed very small without a floor and walls to separate the rooms.

Checking out the big hole (10/25/10)

Peter and I took Zoe to check out the big hole after we dropped Maya off at school one day.

10 25_0628_edited-1

10 25_0625_edited-1

The builder ended up telling us that the foundation hole needed to be dug one foot deeper because of ground water. It cost us extra $$ and a few days.