Monday, October 24, 2011

My first encounter with spray paint.

Spray painting is all over the blogosphere. Amy spray painted this cool mirror. Sherry spray painted her outdoor furniture. And Melissa did a lamp.

So I decided that I could do this. How hard can it be to yield a bottle of spray paint and transform something completely?? Well, it's not that hard. But I definitely lost more than a few brain cells.

We bought some gorgeous mums when we went apple picking and I really wanted to decorate our front walk with them. However, the plastic planters that they came in just weren't cutting it. I looked around for some cool planters that had a modern twist but were simple, but couldn't find anything--October, as it turns out, is a hard time of year to look for outdoor decorating stuff!

So I decided to tackle my first spray painting project. I picked up some of those basic terracotta planters you find in any gardening section-I got them at Home Depot. While at Home Depot, I picked up a bottle of spray paint--the color was called Oil Rubbed Bronze. I liked the fact that it had some metallic sheen to it.

I decided that I wanted to do the project in our garage. Why, you might ask, did I decide to spray violently toxic fumes in an enclosed space? Oh, just figured I'd avoid the breeze outside. So I went to task:


I sprayed the hell out of those mofos. And let me tell you, after about 5 minutes of spraying I got the stomach and head ache from HELL. I had NO idea why I felt like that, but I was almost doubled over. I sprayed the rest of them and walked out into the fresh air and started to feel better almost instantly..but they looked good!

I let them dry overnight and came back in the morning to replant the mums into them. Who knew that the mums were in a much wider planter than these? Not me...but I made it work. I put them up on our front walk and I think they look pretty nice, if I say so myself.

RANDOM_10 17_0276_edited-1

10 25_0304_edited-1

So go on...go buy yourself a can of spray paint today!

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