Thursday, October 27, 2011

A rug can make all the difference...

Warning. This is not one of those inspiring posts where I show you a drab room and then throw in a great rug and it makes all the difference and Voila! A perfect room. Nope, quite the opposite actually...

This is the story of what happens when your husband takes your 4 year old to go pick out a rug as a "bonding activity" while you are taking your younger daughter to a gym class. This is what happens when your daughter picks the ugliest rug in Pottery Barn Kids and then gets totally attached to it, so when your husband says, "You can return it!", you know you really can't without being the horrible witch of a mother who would rather have a pretty room than a happy child.

That being said, I finally finished putting together Maya's room. In a way, the rug freed me. I didn't have to obsess over every decorative accent-the room was never going to be one of this hip and stylish little girl's rooms you see on Pinterest. Nope, it was going to be your average 5 year old girl room.

We painted the room the same color that she had in her room in the old house. Pink.

Then we filled it with all of Maya's furniture, toys and treasures (ie. crap). How many doo dads and thingamagiggys can a 5 year old have? A LOT... So now it looks like this:

RANDOM_10 17_0259_edited-1

See the ugly rug??

In Maya's old room, I filled the largest wall with a collection of picture frames of her and her friends and family. I wasn't sold on doing it again, so I figured I'd just get some girly prints--I scored big at Home Goods one day:

RANDOM_10 17_0257_edited-1

RANDOM_10 17_0256_edited-1

I took the letters that were above Maya's bed in the old room and put them on their own wall, so they could be more featured:

RANDOM_10 17_0254_edited-1

And then found some sticky mirror butterflies at Home Goods that were about $6..

RANDOM_10 17_0255_edited-1

And that there is the girliest room you'll find. And you know what? She loves it. So I guess that's all that matters...right??

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  1. Love the mirrored butterflies! The rug looks perfect. Why do you think it's ugly? This pretty pink room is fit for a little princess. Maya must love it!