Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The one where I like the rug...

When we were picking paint colors for this house, I knew one room would be pink. But I didn't want TWO of them. So I decided that for Zoe I would do purple. I was a little worried about the shade, but then I tried to pick a color that was more in the blue family-sort of like a hydrangea. I lucked out and picked a great color.

05 18_2430_edited-1

Of course, you can't really tell in that picture because of the light--but i swear it's pretty.

Then I saw this picture and really loved the coloring of the room-and the walls we have are almost the exact same color...

So I set about to give our room a similar feel. Problem: a lack of designer budget or patience. So I had to give. But with a lot of help from Home Goods and Pottery Barn Kids, this is where we ended up:

RANDOM_10 17_0262_edited-1

The lamp was an awesome find from Home Goods-I think I found it the weekend we moved into the house. Owl Prints? Home Goods, about a month ago. The chest of drawers is from Land of Nod--about 5 years old from Maya's original nursery. See that picture of the Golden Retriever? Peter painted that before Maya was born..cute, no?

RANDOM_10 17_0260_edited-1

Had to have the same Pottery Barn Kids chandelier that Maya's so adorable and I feel like it makes the room. The curtains, on the other hand, were a disappointment. Kind of like the rug in Maya's room-but they came from a place of necessity. If you have encountered a child who wakes up at the first crack of light in the morning, you know what I am talking about. Get me those black out shades ASAP in whatever you have in stock!

The rug is from Pottery Barn kids and we bought it when we bought the big girl bed..about 2 months ago. This time, the child has less influence and Mommy got to choose. So. Much. Better!!

RANDOM_10 17_0263_edited-1

RANDOM_10 17_0265_edited-1

Found that cute picture at...yes, you guessed it..Home Goods. The chair was the original chair from Maya's nursery. On my list of things to do is to get a new slipcover for it..but given all the things we have to purchase for the house, it's really low on the totem pole. Or I might just sell the chair and get a new, less expensive one in a color I like.

Wait, you want to see the bed? But then that would spoil the piece of DIY art that I made that I am saving for another post! So stay tuned ;)


  1. holy moly, this is gorgeous! i'm so glad i found your blog via yhl. i'm going to add you to my google reader site!