Sunday, November 13, 2011

Make Your Own Art

Here's where I reveal the art I made for Zoe's room.

I couldn't find one last print for the space above her bed. No more owl prints or other cute things to be had at Home Goods. I thought about doing some unpaintings (fabric stretched over canvas) but couldn't find the right fabrics. So I just bought some canvases at Michael's and went to town.

I bought three 16x20 canvases. First I painted them solid colors-2 pink and one purple:

Then I used a Martha Stewart stencil I found, also at Michael's:

What, you say? You think I should do something about the hair on my arms? Just kidding, that's the other half who lent me his thumbs for the final canvas. When all was said and done, they looked like this in my kitchen:

And this is what they look like in Zoe's room...

RANDOM_10 24_0249_edited-1

That's along with the last owl print I found at Home Goods. I may have stalked the woman who had the other one in the set for a little while in Home Goods to make sure she didn't decide against it. But then I chortled to myself that I actually got the cuter one and let her have the ugly one.

RANDOM_10 24_0250_edited-1

And that's me, crafty lady, signing off.

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