Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Before & After: Beach House

Well, hello there. The rest of the summer got away from me and before I knew it I was in the throws of first days of school, girl's trips and general stay at home business. I have been on a mission to clean and organize...and catch up. So that means, I am back!

Before I get back to the grind of our house here, I wanted to share some before and after shots of my mom's house at the beach. She bought the house about 3.5 years ago and as soon as I saw the house I knew it was the one. My mom wasn't so sure (and you'll see why from the before pictures!). My mom is a fan of simple, clean design and doesn't like to do work to a house-she wants it move in ready. I however, fell in love with the layout--the house had been a small one floor cottage that a builder had expanded. So, the existing house remained and a large master suite was added onto the other side of the house, meaning that my kids, husband and I would have our own area of the house. Perfect for a little separation of chaos and tranquility ;) I also loved the single level openness of the house. The previous owners were traditional and had a love of wallpaper and window treatments. And color.

Here are the before and after shots..I didn't bring my wide angle lens so I couldn't get the greatest shots:

Before Dining Room:

Dining Room After:

08 15_2901_edited-1

08 15_2902_edited-1

Den (our family room) Before:

Den After:

08 19_2870_edited-1

Nook off the Living Room before:

Nook after:

08 15_2907_edited-1

Entry before:

Entry after:
08 19_2874_edited-1

Ok..some of these pictures really aren't great. But trust me, it's a lot prettier now. It's amazing what some simplifying and white paint can do. Of course, there are some parts of the house that were fabulous and didn't need any changing. The bathrooms were all great-simple subway tiles, carrara, etc. My mom's master bath is gorgeous:

The kitchen is great too and I drew a lot of inspiration from her kitchen for ours:


(The stools are gone now).

Of course, in 3.5 years, the house isn't the only thing that has changed!

Maya before:


Maya after:

08 19_2892_edited-1

Until next time!

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  1. your kitchen makes me green with envy! i'm so glad that you have a beautiful space to live in.