Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pretty Playroom Pictures...

One of my many favorite things about the new house is that the girl's playrooms are now on the first floor, right off the family room and only about 20 feet from the kitchen. The girls were not going downstairs by themselves in the old house and it felt really secluded. Also, we had to create a small playroom area in the living room of the house, which just wasn't all that visually appealing...


I love the new playroom, though I think it still needs some more decorative flair and some weeding out of toys...I mean, how many loose game pieces and McDonald's Strawberry Shortcake dolls can one really use??

What you see from the living room:

around the house_07 23_2815

around the house_07 23_2816_edited-1

My favorite part of the room in this PennyPeople prints that I got on Etsy:

around the house_07 23_2819_edited-1

around the house_07 23_2821_edited-1

They came unframed, but they are made to fit perfectly in Ikea frames. Helloooo? So easy.

I have grand plans for a big chalkboard/magnet wall for this side of the room:

around the house_07 23_2824_edited-1

But, not enough time or motivation this we'll see when that happens. I should have a lot of time in the fall!

How do you guys keep your playrooms looking spiffy with all that kid's crap??

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