Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's done!

Drumroll please... Bam! It's done! I can't believe the day is here. Peter is loading up stuff in his car right now to take over there to make our official move day (Friday) easier. We walked through with Trent, the foreman, yesterday morning and created a punch list of things that still need to be done (things like paint, nicks, etc). Today, I met with Steve, got the keys and all the warranty paperwork (and gave them a check!) and the house is ours.

Here are some pictures I took at the final walk through yesterday. Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating, so they came out pretty dark-I swear, the house is not that dark!

If you enter from the garage, you come into the mud room:

05 18_2449_edited-1

You'd see the guest bathroom in the basement:

05 18_2450_edited-1

Upstairs, there's the living room:

05 18_2445_edited-1

And the dining room:

Dining Room

And then you'd head into the kitchen:

05 18_2438_edited-1

05 18_2442_edited-1

(Disregard the lighting prop-some photographers were taking detailed pictures of the trim)

And you might want to have a meal in our dining nook:

05 18_2443_edited-1

And off the family room, there's the kid's playroom:

05 18_2444_edited-1

At the top of the stairs on the upper floor, there's a built in desk area for the kids down the road:

05 18_2434_edited-1

Zoe's room is at the top of the stairs:

05 18_2430_edited-1

You can head into the bathroom from Zoe's room:

05 18_2431_edited-1

I don't have any pictures of the fabulous tile in the bath area...

From the bathroom you can also go into Maya's room:

Maya's room

If you were really in the house, you could see our master bedroom next, but somehow I didn't take a picture of it..but from the bedroom you get a great view of the bathroom details:

Looking into master bath

And then you can see our vanities (well, one at a time, but they are the same and neither have mirrors yet):

Master Bath Vanity

And the last room upstairs will be the study/overflow guest room:

05 18_2435_edited-1

With it's own en suite bath:

05 18_2436_edited-1

And that concludes our tour for now..don't let the beautiful black painted door hit you on the way out:

Front Door