Sunday, November 14, 2010

Demolition! (10.14.10)

At the very beginning of October, George emailed us to let us know that demolition was going to happen soon. Of course, it didn't happen the day it was supposed to because of weather and then not the next day because of some issue with the demolition company, but about a week later, in the pouring rain, the house came down. I drove by out of curiosity, certain that they wouldn't be doing the demo during such a torrential rain pour, but when I got to the house, 1/3 of it was gone!

It only took a few hours for the whole house to come down. Peter drove by about a half hour after these pictures were taken and the chimney was being taken down..

10 14_0636_edited-1

10 14_0637_edited-1

10 14_0639_edited-1

10 14_0644_edited-1

10 14_0642_edited-1

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